Translog Company s.r.o.

We offer to buy material and products made of the Siberian larch or Russian larch (Larix sibirica). Because of its rot resistance, larch wood is especially valuable for house-building, outdoor terraces, railroad tie sleepers, and mine props. We offer full range of products from the ordinary planks and beams to the linings and battens. The lowest prices are guaranteed.

Planks Siberian larch planks. Width from 100 mm, Length 4000 - 6000 mm, Height from 20 mm. Quality A/B. From 400 Euro for m3.
Beams Siberian larch beams. Width up to 200 mm, Length up to 8000 mm, Height up to 200 mm. Quality A/C.
Linings and Battens Siberian larch linings and battens. Dimensions, quality and prices are available on the request.
Pallet wood Pine-tree pallet wood. Price is from 100 Euro for m3.
Translog Company s.r.o.
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